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About The Exceptional Agent Project

For years, followers of the SWS philosophy have been asking for a SWS designation or certification to demonstrate to the world that they hold themselves to a higher standard of client service. While we always thought that was a fine idea, it never made it to the top of the priority to-do list as we focused on other initiatives. However, recent events both at SWS and in the real estate industry as a whole have inspired us to move this initiative to the front burner... but NOT because we think the industry needs yet another certification! No - the reason we're all revved up to introduce the Exceptional Agent Project is because we believe that in order to survive, our industry desperately needs agents who truly ARE Exceptional Agents - and SWSUniversity was created to make that happen.

Within the University, you'll find course after course and program after program created specifically to help both new and experienced agents "be all that they can be" for their clients. Most courses address very specific areas of expertise, such as Mastering Your Contracts and Disclosures, Creating and Using Transaction Checklists, Becoming a Market Expert, Analyzing Why Your Listing Isn't Selling, Building Your Team, Mastering Your MLS and more. Perhaps these aren't the sexiest topics in the world, perhaps they aren't as exciting as pursuing expired listings, prospecting to FSBO's or generating online leads, but we believe with all our hearts that when a real estate agent is confident in his or her competence, effective prospecting becomes an easy, natural part of the agent's days.

Of course, we do offer several programs about prospecting for real estate business and you'll find those at the SWS Bookstore, here: http://sellwithsoul.com/product-category/prospecting-products/. But SWSUniversity focuses almost exclusively on building a solid foundation of competence, and keeping that foundation strong throughout your real estate career.

About the Exceptional Agent Certification
To acquire the Exceptional Agent Certification, all candidates must complete a comprehensive series of courses here at SWSU, starting with the very basics and continuing onto more advanced coursework. However, we do understand that there will be experienced agents who would like to obtain the Exceptional Agent Certification, but don't feel they need to complete the basic courses and we will accommodate that by allowing you to "opt out" of those courses. However, the price of the Exceptional Agent package is the same for all experience levels, so even experienced agents might want to consider completing the basic courses for a nice little foundational refresher!

At the end of the course work, all SWS Exceptional Agent candidates will take a final exam which will include an assignment to tell us, in your own words, what being an Exceptional Agent means to you!

Sound fun? I hope so because... as that wise woman keeps sayin' "The more fun you have selling real estate, the more real estate you'll sell!"

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