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While the primary reason SWSUniversity was created was to provide competence-based coursework to help real estate professionals be the best real estate agents they know, we do realize that business development (finding clients to serve!) is a necessary piece of the puzzle. However, traditional business development training in our industry is often anything but professional, and at times we've wondered if the proponents of the so-called "tried and true" prospecting methods are secretly sitting around their conference tables laughing at the naivete of the agents who actually put their methods into practice!

Okay, so that's a bit cynical, but around here, we believe that any prospecting method that insults the intelligence of your audience, makes you feel "icky" or would make you want to run the other direction if you were subjected to it is just plain wrong. Not to mention stupid. 

So, rest assured that the Business Development College of SWSUniversity offers only intelligent, sensible and non-icky approaches to building your business. We want you to experience all the success you dream of... doing things YOUR way.


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