Welcome to SWSU and the Era of the Exceptional AgentTM

Welcome to SWSUniversity!

Here at SWSUniversity, we look at a real estate career a little differently. We hold the rather controversial opinion that real estate practitioners should be competent at managing real estate business before they are encouraged to pursue real estate business. That they should know their contracts, their markets and their systems before they are allowed to charge for their services. That they should be good negotiators, creative problem-solvers and proactive trouble-shooters. They should know how to properly price a home for sale. They should know how to evaluate a list price to help their buyers make a fair offer. How to help a seller figure out why his or her home hasn't sold.

Y'know, all those things our clients hire us to do...and pay us exceptionally well to do it.

Okay, sounds good, but what about prospecting? What about lead-generation?

Well, while we do offer a few business development courses, around here we think real estate practitioners should place a higher priority on serving their current clients than they do on searching for their future ones. We also think our prospects deserve to be approached respectfully, without any intelligence-insulting scripts, cheesy dialogues or other gimmicky nonsense. In fact, while we do teach real estate agents how to build their businesses and attract good clients, we believe that the very best prospecting an agent will ever do is to provide exceptional service to the home-buyer and -seller clients who have already honored them with their business. We believe that if a real estate agent focuses most of his or her time on current clients, those clients will help ensure that the agent never needs to prospect for business again.

At SWSUniversity, our goal is to help real estate agents experience all the success they dream of, and at the same time work toward improving the public's perception of the real estate community. Improving that perception, not with creative marketing; but rather by going after the root causes of the negative stereotypes... which we believe are our industry's general disregard for the competence of its practitioners and a disturbing lack of appreciation and respect for those who make our careers possible, our clients.

Is SWSUniversity the Right Place for You?

SWSUniversity students want to EARN their paychecks because they're competent, even exceptional real estate agents, not because they NEED or feel ENTITLED to those paychecks. They strive to be the very best real estate agents they can be, knowing that by being the best they can be, they'll EARN the future business and referrals of their satisfied clients. Not to mention that they'll enjoy the heck out of their real estate careers because, as a wise woman (Pearl S. Buck) once said: "The Secret of Joy in work is one word - excellence. To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." And in the words of another wise woman (SWSUniversity founder Jennifer Allan Hagedorn): "The More Fun You Have Selling Real Estate, the More Real Estate You'll Sell!"

So, that's just a little taste of what SWSUniversity is all about. If this doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, we'll part as friends and wish you all the best. But if this sounds good to you - if the idea of being an exceptional real estate professional who earns not only a good living, but also the respect, admiration and appreciation of his or her Very Satisfied Clients makes you smile... you're in the right place. And we're SO glad you're here!

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